Definition of lignotuber in English:



  • A rounded woody growth at or below ground level on some shrubs and trees that grow in areas subject to fire or drought, containing a mass of buds and food reserves.

    • ‘Their seedlings become highly ramified, passing through a creeping establishment phase consisting of a decumbent lignotuber with several basal sprouts.’
    • ‘We've just heard about lignotubers for example, which allow eucalypts to continue to grow even after a bushfire.’
    • ‘She does not consider the most common figlike form to be a seedling, defining it instead as an aerial lignotuber.’
    • ‘The latter have developed specialized, enlarged woody growths called lignotubers, which can store nutrients and water in the earth, out of the reach of fire.’
    • ‘Once the apex of a lignotuber penetrates below ground, it forms rhizomatous tissue that can generate both aerial shoots and adventitious roots.’