Definition of lighting effects in English:

lighting effects

plural noun

  • 1Lighting used to produce particular effects, e.g. in a play, film, or television programme.

    ‘the designs of the fabrics and costumes are dazzling and the lighting effects are dramatic’
    • ‘Create the epic or mythological lighting effects that you see in Hollywood blockbusters without breaking the bank on lighting equipment.’
    • ‘She performed on a bare stage with minimal props; only fairly late in her career did she employ lighting effects beyond mere illumination.’
    • ‘The staging was superbly dramatic, the choreography flawless and the lighting effects simply sensational.’
    • ‘Some cool lighting effects would have really suited this game.’
    • ‘The striking visuals of the sets are deepened by Cox's shadowy, cinematic lighting effects, and by the subdued color palette of the costumes.’
    1. 1.1 The way light is depicted in a painting or other picture.
      ‘he brought the lighting effects of modern French painting to colour lithography’
      • ‘But there is one color that may not work well if you're trying to create dramatic lighting effects: white.’
      • ‘Many of his figural compositions suggest the stagey lighting effects of Caravaggio.’
      • ‘These images are well-composed and well-planned, often revisiting scenes to capture just the right composition and lighting effects.’
      • ‘At his best, he painted with a sumptuous technique and a feeling for bold and unusual lighting effects, but he could be rather twee.’
      • ‘From a more mature phase is the Madonna and Child with Saints, which displays more softly painted forms and gentler lighting effects.’