Definition of light tower in English:

light tower


  • 1A tall structure fitted with electric lights, typically used for outdoor illumination.

    • ‘The remaining two light towers will be put up over the next two days.’
    • ‘If a contractor has an ongoing need for light towers, chances are he owns them.’
    • ‘To light up the project for night work, Cox has rented a total of some 28 light towers for use by project subcontractors.’
    • ‘This year, the next stage in ground improvements was completed when the club put up two light towers at a cost of $5000.’
    • ‘We go by experience as to how many light towers are needed.’
    • ‘Because light towers are often a necessary obstruction on a job site, contractors need the most light from the fewest towers.’
    • ‘On scraper haul roads, portable light towers are spaced 500 - 1,000 ft. apart.’
    • ‘When setting up a light tower, always level the unit completely before extending the mast.’
    • ‘At Arizona State, he used to meditate atop a 200 - foot stadium light tower.’
    • ‘Light towers like giant desk lamps are placed at each corner of the stadium, angled to minimize peripheral light spill over the vivid green synthetic pitch.’
    • ‘The stadium lacks charm and personality, except for the dramatic light towers.’
    • ‘In Montana, Kelly Rowe of Rowe Excavations works out of his truck and usually shuts down at dark, which means no light towers and hardly ever a generator.’
    • ‘If they get any problems, they order a couple more light towers.’
    • ‘Every application must be evaluated with these considerations in order to determine how many light towers are necessary to safely light each site.’
    • ‘All along the wall on the U. S. side sit dozens upon dozens of 12-foot-tall light towers, each with their own diesel generator, powering four stadium lights each.’
    • ‘Most contractors, in fact, rely on experience and trial-and-error methods to figure the number of light towers they need.’
    • ‘Today's light towers are lighter and mobile and have much better directional capabilities.’
    • ‘The ball, seemingly still on the rise hundreds of feet away from home plate, caromed off the light tower that perched above the right field section of the Tiger Stadium roof.’
    • ‘And with today's portable light towers, most heavy-construction activities - from surveying to drainage construction to excavation and paving - can be sufficiently illuminated to permit nighttime work.’
    • ‘A clear, moonlit night, for example, might require fewer light towers than an evening with overcast skies.’
    1. 1.1 A lighthouse.
      • ‘The white, wood clapboard exterior is unusual for West Coast lighthouses, and the distinctive red light tower is located immediately above the living quarters, another unique design.’
      • ‘The octagonal brick light tower stands 54 feet overall and creates a focal plane 168 feet above Lake Superior.’
      • ‘The board discussed the future of the lighthouse which stands independently of the light tower at the entrance to the harbour.’
      • ‘Today only the light tower and keeper's residence remain.’
      • ‘He, his wife and family found everyday to be an adventure as they maintained the light tower, the quarters, pier and workboats.’
      • ‘Here is the wonderfully civilized formal grace of a great mansion married to the primal strength of a light tower.’
      • ‘You can tour the restored keeper's dwelling, climb the light tower, and visit the museum in the fog signal building.’
      • ‘While the new taller light tower helped guide vessels away from the hazardous reef, wrecks continued to occur.’
      • ‘You may even see some tourists hiking to the light tower, and sheep searching for shrubs.’
      • ‘The device installed was a bell signal that was located east of the light tower and closer to the water's edge.’
      • ‘For many years local folks have wondered about the actual location of the original 1847 light tower.’
      • ‘The Outer Light is a brick fog signal building with 35-foot light tower rising from the northwest corner of the building.’
      • ‘The efforts were successful in 1886 when Congress appropriated $15,000 to build a light tower and fog signal on the point.’
      • ‘Japan occupied the islands, and erected a light tower on them in 1996.’
      warning fire, warning light, signal fire, signal light, bonfire, smoke signal, beam, signal, danger signal, guiding light
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