Definition of light the (or a) fuse in English:

light the (or a) fuse


  • Do something that creates a tense or exciting situation.

    ‘his goal midway through the first half lit the fuse’
    • ‘This act of stoner generosity will almost single-handedly light the fuse of the psychedelic '60s.’
    • ‘They were just ordinary kids, with extraordinary luck of being in Philadelphia at the moment the old town lit the fuse for the rock explosion.’
    • ‘Someone lit the fuse in the 1960s, and the fallout was fantastic.’
    • ‘A television industry source says disgruntled local TV producers may have lit the fuse.’
    • ‘His death lit the fuse on America's civil rights struggle.’
    • ‘The Madras Army did not join the upheaval of 1857, but it had lit a fuse in Vellore.’
    • ‘Please find the spirit that set the spark that lit the fuse and brought the news of joy untold of young and old, lame and bold.’
    • ‘He firmly supported the Solidarity trade union movement that was to liberate the Polish people and light the fuse of the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia.’
    • ‘The green saints improved on the re-start and Coadys goal lit the fuse as they slowly tugged away at the Ballinkillen lead and they had drawn level with ten minutes remaining with some great points from the roaming Declan Murphy.’
    • ‘The second intifada has lit a fuse in Belgium and Jews feel isolated and threatened.’