Definition of light stick in English:

light stick


  • another term for glow stick
    • ‘The simple solution, Gruber says, is to add a pressurized quantity of A - 2 to the cylume light sticks that longline fishermen attach to their hooks in order to mimic squid.’
    • ‘Youngsters dressed in caps, tracksuits, floppy hats and with light sticks attended illegal raves while popping a new drug, ecstasy.’
    • ‘Those small, bright yellow flashes you see at twilight on summer evenings have something in common with the brilliantly colored light sticks that glow after you bend them: The light is the result of a chemical reaction.’
    • ‘Seriously, it's like I'm one of those neon light sticks that they sell at nightclubs and concerts that you crack and shake, and then they glow.’
    • ‘Cyalume light sticks may be useful for some applications, but they have limited light output and can't be tested to see if they work.’
    • ‘He remembered to look into his pocket and snapped on a light stick.’
    • ‘The light stick is actually a tube inside a tube.’
    • ‘Everyone was excited at the news, and the Lt pulled the flank guard off the ridge and then sent a squad to mark the landing zone with chemical light sticks.’
    • ‘To avoid getting run over, airmen put green light sticks on their helmets or uniforms.’
    • ‘Mac handed both Jared and Alison a coat and a light stick.’
    • ‘One of the riders took a swipe at him with a light stick, and the globe at the end shattered, but he felt the wall crumble a bit.’
    • ‘There's also the classic cold cathode fluorescent lamp light sticks, and basic LED spots that can be placed anywhere in the case.’
    • ‘The department has checked product safety and labelling of toy lanterns and light sticks ahead of the Mid-Autumn Festival every year since the Toys and Children's Products Safety Ordinance was enacted in 1992.’
    • ‘In locations such as MRI where the patient is removed from the nurse, a light stick can sometimes be useful in visualizing chest movement.’
    • ‘As they turned the corner, the green glow from her light stick became brighter, bit by bit.’
    • ‘Generators were made available to guests so they could charge their cell phones and they passed out ten thousand flash-lights and an equal number of light sticks.’
    • ‘His version of the song had those light sticks waving ecstatically.’
    • ‘The young members of the audience were encouraged to blow whistles and wave light sticks as the cast brought those famous cartoon screen legends to life.’
    • ‘You don't have another magic light stick, do you?’
    • ‘It has a higher output, measuring at about 10.5 Fl with the 360° angle of viewing - approximately as bright as a chemical light stick after it has been activated for 1.5 hours.’