Definition of lifestyler in English:



  • 1A person who adopts a particular lifestyle, typically an unconventional one.

    ‘she doesn't seem like a flamboyant rock-and-roll lifestyler’
    • ‘There's a big opportunity to talk to the mass golf lifestyler, around the travel, the fashion, the food, equipment, the second homes.’
    • ‘He dismisses the "alternative lifestyler" credit.’
    • ‘Who doesn't moisten at the thought of Dubya fingering the big red button lifestyler.’
    • ‘Traditional working class left voters joined with middle-class lifestyler lefties to elect the Green in Cunningham, and the independent Liberal candidate pitched in.’
    • ‘Going after the lifestyler meant backing off on courting hard-core outdoor enthusiasts.’
    • ‘It is derogatory term for juvenile a 'lifestyler' anarchist with somewhat undercooked political views.’
    • ‘The trailer shows a few seconds of gameplay before the camera pans round to show a nauseatingly smug lifestyler hamming her way through a mockery of the control scheme.’
    • ‘It's a shopper they've dubbed the "outdoor lifestyler."’
    • ‘Created for all kinds of cycling lifestyler, they offer technical and off-the-bike gear for everyone from committed roadies to dirt junkies.’
    • ‘What adrenaline junkie or casual active lifestyler would pass up the opportunity to relive their finest moments in HD and Ultra HD quality?’
  • 2NZ A person who runs a smallholding or small farm as a hobby, not as a commercial enterprise.

    ‘unlike the lifestylers, they have an understanding for business imperatives’
    • ‘Yeah look I will struggle to make it - the CAA has just driven up and want to followup a compliant from one of my lifestyler neighbours who are claiming my helicopter spraying around their block is killing them and I therefore have no right to control my weeds - so it looks like I will be pulling the thistle chipper out of the back of the shed’
    • ‘It is possible that the self-selected categories (lifestyler, hobby/smallfarmer or farmer/horticulturalist) may not correspond neatly with intensity of production.’
    • ‘What is the farming community doing to promote itself in the planning process to counter the lifestyler's ideals?’
    • ‘The sole aim of land ownership has not always been commercial return and this is reflected in the 'lifestyler'.’
    • ‘They were the first lifestyler couple we befriended.’
    • ‘It's leasees and sharemilkers, not those with a lifestyler mentality, that are sweating about the increases.’


1970s (in lifestyler (sense 1)): from lifestyle + -er; sense 2 dates from the 1980s and is derived from lifestyle block.