Definition of lifesaver in English:



  • 1informal A thing that saves one from serious difficulty.

    ‘a microwave could be a lifesaver this Christmas’
    • ‘It may be that the problem is not all that serious, but if it is, a heart monitor could prove an absolute lifesaver.’
    • ‘Her family will tonight welcome hundreds of volunteers to a blood sample session at a West Timperley pub in a bid to find the lifesaver who can help Shannon.’
    • ‘In countries that struggle with low immunization rates, such products may become major lifesavers.’
    • ‘On more than one occasion she has been a lifesaver, but there are times when I think I will snap in the face of the woman's dictatorial refusal to acknowledge much less join the 21st century.’
    • ‘Being a lifesaver is part of the job, but I think that helping this little girl will probably be the most memorable thing I've ever done.’
    • ‘The club whose players were once shipwrecked off the coast of Spain on their way to a series of friendlies in the Canary Islands needs lifesavers again.’
    • ‘They're lifesavers for many people, but they do have side affects.’
    • ‘Tomatoes have had a good press, saying they are lifesavers by preventing prostate cancer.’
    • ‘These people are lifesavers and it's outrageous that such an incident should occur in such a place.’
    • ‘Legend has it that during this time he was responsible for inventing that amateur gardener's lifesaver, the grow-bag.’
    • ‘That's a staggering 300 lifesavers rolling up their sleeves every day in order to touch someone else's life.’
    • ‘So last night her desperate family held a blood testing session at the Pelican Hotel to try to find Shannon's lifesaver.’
    • ‘It was a lifesaver because I was about to be evicted from my apartment.’
    • ‘While cell phones have become lifesavers in emergency situations, they have also played a crucial role in man-woman relationships.’
    • ‘Safety belts are a proven lifesaver and should be worn on all journeys, no matter how short.’
    • ‘You really, really want to, because you need some lifesaver to get you to stay in your seat for the entire length of the film.’
    • ‘This will prolong some women's lives and be a lifesaver for some babies.’
    • ‘Leonie is only six and yet she has amazed us all with her actions - she's a real little lifesaver.’
    • ‘Nominees might be heroic lifesavers who have put themselves in danger to help somebody else.’
    • ‘A proud mum has hailed her two-year-old toddler as a lifesaver - after he saved her from falling into a diabetic coma.’
  • 2NZ Australian A lifeguard working on a beach.

    • ‘From sports stars to medical professionals, charity workers to lifesavers and business leaders to those who help sick or elderly neighbours, the range of nominees is impressive.’
    • ‘He laughed and pointed to the group of surfboard riders, saying that four of them were also experienced lifesavers who would be able to assist him in an instant.’
    • ‘EAST LONDON - Many beaches along the Wild Coast are going to be a lot safer this year thanks to a serious training programme for local lifesavers.’
    • ‘The woman sits like a lifesaver above the stage, scoring each bout as it ends.’
    • ‘With the surfing season about to commence, it is time to be mindful of the great contribution our volunteer surf lifesavers make to our way of life.’
    • ‘What an incredible job, to be a lifesaver in a doggie swimming club.’
    • ‘Everything I knew stemmed from my time as a lifesaver and what I had gleaned from the vaguely medical books I came across and the usual television shows.’
    • ‘But he said despite its place in Otley's calendar the swim did have a serious aspect to it, in helping lifesavers complete their training.’
    • ‘No seaside holiday area such as Evans Head would be safe without the services of our surf lifesavers and coast guard.’
    • ‘Swimmers will be hoping that the current standoff between lifeguards and the authorities will not escalate leaving several of the territory's most popular bathing spots without qualified lifesavers.’
    • ‘I only know a bit of first aid from when I was a lifesaver!’
    • ‘So there were eighty lifesavers on the beach at that crucial moment.’
    • ‘When questioned by the Saturday Dispatch, one lifesaver said: ‘Nahoon beach has never been closed.’’
    • ‘What of athletes who exercise in water, such as swimmers, water polo players, water aerobics devotees and lifesavers?’
    • ‘The event was a great success and the community's efforts will go a long way towards covering the large insurance premiums the club will have to pay to keep volunteer lifesavers on the beach this season.’
    • ‘Since then, the former champion lifesaver has seen the world thanks to rugby, with Japan being a personal highlight.’
    • ‘I was a lifesaver at heart and knew the risks of heat exhaustion better than anyone.’
    • ‘Combined efforts by lifesavers helped save a British tourist from drowning at Nielson Park on Wednesday.’
    • ‘WITH REGARD to the drowning in Haga Haga on December 26, I was horrified to see the equipment the two lifesavers had to work with to save lives.’
    • ‘When most people think about Australian national identity, the images they remember are overwhelmingly blokey - drovers, surfies, lifesavers, Anzac soldiers.’