Definition of lifebelt in English:



  • A ring of buoyant or inflatable material used to help a person who has fallen into water to stay afloat.

    • ‘The ladies travelling first class were all rescued, but the women in steerage were not even issued with lifebelts.’
    • ‘To Peter's astonishment a familiar figure was wading ashore, a red and white lifebelt about his waist.’
    • ‘Finally they picked up a fourth man, a passer-by who had seen the drama and dived in to the canal to help, towing a lifebelt.’
    • ‘The hotel staff threw lifebelts out, which the two men grabbed on to, but they were too exhausted to swim back to the shore.’
    • ‘Members of the Rotary Club will be assessing how many lifebelts are needed on this stretch, in conjunction with water safety experts.’
    • ‘Watchkeepers were shocked to find lifebelts knotted and thrown into the water, cables ripped out of scanners and damage to their roof when they arrived at their base yesterday morning.’
    • ‘Miss, I must ask that you please put on your lifebelt and come up to the boat deck immediately.’
    • ‘I am delighted that we have been able to put up so many lifebelts but we also need alarmed lifebelts.’
    • ‘We are tuned into a good programme on the radio, a kipper the size of a ship's lifebelt is gently grilling and I have a pot of tea mashing at my elbow.’
    • ‘Also housed here is a small lifebelt, there for throwing to someone in the water in an emergency.’
    • ‘And lifebelts aren't exactly the kind of thing you can sell on.’
    • ‘Lifebelt lines have had to be replaced several times and lifebelts have had to be retrieved from lakes eight times in one week.’
    • ‘In the centre of it all stands a bemused young Fijian, a pair of lifebelts extending from outstretched arms, being a tree.’
    • ‘He cast the line a fourth time - and it landed directly between the two, who grabbed it and tied it to their lifebelts.’
    • ‘The black Labrador wasted no time when his owner spotted lifebelts floating in the middle of Jubilee Lake.’
    • ‘The second is the ability of both men somehow to get lifebelts or ropes around them.’
    • ‘It has been widely agreed that the tourism industry is the island's lifebelt.’
    • ‘Although the youngster was wearing a lifebelt, she had become stuck under the water after turning upside down.’
    • ‘As well as climbing on sand stockpiles, children have also been seen around the quarry's lagoons and have thrown lifebelts into the water.’
    • ‘The men had no radio, lifejackets or lifebelts, and had been unable to abandon ship or attract attention to their plight.’
    • ‘However, it quickly made clear that it was not prepared to accept this lifebelt.’
    • ‘While in the water he removed his lifebelt and tied it around one of the nurses and helped her stay afloat until they were rescued by British and French ships.’
    • ‘He had to come out because there was no lifebelt to throw to them and he had a bad case of hypothermia.’
    • ‘Dougie had a sleeping bag; I lay shivering amongst lifebelts and ropes and prayed for morning.’
    • ‘Other problems included poor safety information, no black boxes and lifebelts that were difficult to find.’