Definition of life table in English:

life table


  • 1A table of statistics relating to life expectancy and mortality for a given category of people.

    • ‘The survival time was calculated with the life table method.’
    • ‘A Kaplan-Meyer life table analysis of all patients in the trial shows little difference in healing between the treatment groups by 6 months.’
    • ‘Observations on mortality presented in the previous section are supported by the life table data.’
    • ‘Disease-specific mortality rates were determined by adjusting all-cause mortality rates from the Registry by standard life table mortality rates.’
    • ‘To explore the relationship between summed elasticities and life history properties, we calculated rank correlations between adult survival elasticity and the life table statistics given in Appendix A.’
    • ‘Therefore, we cannot present a complete life table.’
    • ‘In the cohort representing the controls, we estimated the number of remaining life years from the life table for Danish men in 1995 and 1996.’
    • ‘After 1900, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services gives decennial life tables based on vital statistics data.’
    • ‘In the analysis of mortality at ages 5 years and above, however, rates calculated directly from the registration data provide a superior indication of reality and will be used in preference to the model life table estimates.’
    • ‘The population-level effects of changes in demography over time were examined using a life table response analysis.’
    • ‘The recent usage of the heart disease categories is summarized in Table 5, which shows the life table deaths due to each cause for the period 1979-1995.’
    • ‘In the 1840s, Farr established an official life table for England and Wales.’
    • ‘The life table deaths can be further decomposed into deaths due to each underlying cause and any associated causes.’
    • ‘Simultaneous variation in recruitment, survival, and fecundity as a function of the presence or absence of a species can be entered into a standard life table and the net effect evaluated as the product of these individual effects.’
    • ‘After a follow-up of 15 years, the estimated life table analysis of mortality was retrospectively calculated.’
    • ‘These life table data provided the basis for calculating a selection coefficient, which we did separately for each gender, and then we used the arithmetic mean to approximate the population-wide selection coefficient.’
    • ‘An age distribution at the time of a census must be synthesized into the behavior over time of an artificial or synthetic cohort, in the same sense that a life table is a synthesis of cross-sectional data on mortality and survivorship.’
    • ‘The available life table data did not allow us to match on social class.’
    • ‘We then derive a new method to estimate elasticities without a complete life table, and we compare the results with those of complete age-based models.’
    • ‘The life table analysis of the risk of giving supplementary food at different age intervals is shown in Table I.’
    1. 1.1Zoology A table of statistics relating to life expectancy for a population of animals divided into cohorts of given age.
      • ‘On the basis of the timing of migration and breeding in the two habitats and life table data, it appears that the same populations breed in both places annually.’
      • ‘Average life expectancy from birth for the whole population or subgroups can be derived from life tables.’
      • ‘Populations that have undergone recent changes in vital rates may not be appropriate for certain life table calculations that depend on a stable age distribution.’
      • ‘Elasticity and life table response analysis showed that changes in the persistence of large colonies had the biggest impact on population growth in all species.’
      • ‘We examined 50 published life tables for 44 mammal species representing 10 orders and 25 families (Appendix A).’