Definition of life sentence in English:

life sentence


  • A punishment of life imprisonment or of imprisonment for a specified long period.

    • ‘He was originally given a life sentence but that sentence was later thrown out on appeal.’
    • ‘However, even in the case of a life sentence for murder the circumstances of the offence are taken into account.’
    • ‘In this, his sentence differs from a life sentence imposed on a person because of the gravity of the offence.’
    • ‘One argument in favour of the mandatory life sentence is that it amounts to a symbolic indication of the unique heinousness of murder.’
    • ‘At first he didn't realise what the life sentence of penal servitude handed down by the judge had meant.’
    • ‘You start with the hypothesis that an applicant is serving a life sentence.’
    • ‘I was positive I was on death row with a life sentence the equivalent of Alcatraz without parole.’
    • ‘Is a prisoner serving a life sentence entitled to know the reasons why he has been refused parole?’
    • ‘The new law now gives the sentencing judge the choice of imposing either a death sentence or a life sentence for the same crime.’
    • ‘Most accept a life sentence in the imprisonment of general rulings.’
    • ‘One parent was dead and the second parent was convicted of the murder and is serving a life sentence in prison.’
    • ‘He did not think he would be convicted of murder and receive a life sentence.’
    • ‘If he has not, then there can be no question of imposing a life sentence.’
    • ‘He was convicted by a court of law and sentenced to undergo a life sentence.’
    • ‘After all, the punishment for failure is more than just a life sentence without parole.’
    • ‘All he had now was a life sentence in jail, for attempted murder and rape.’
    • ‘He gives them the single best reason to extort the virtues of the death penalty over a life sentence.’
    • ‘It is whether a mandatory life sentence for murder infringes the principle, if it does apply.’
    • ‘According to law, a defendant in such case can receive between 20 years in prison and a life sentence.’
    • ‘Continuing risk to the public and danger from the offender is properly to be regarded as being taken care of by the life sentence.’
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life sentence