Definition of life ring in English:

life ring


  • another term for lifebelt
    • ‘‘We were out for one of our walks around the lake when I saw two of the life rings in the lake.’’
    • ‘A crewcut, tanned man in a Naval Commander's uniform, clutching a clipboard stuffed with papers to his chest as if it were a life ring, snapped to attention in front of him.’
    • ‘We might have had to wait at least one hour for the most popular game in the park - sitting on a life ring and sliding down a steep, winding water chute.’
    • ‘She turned off the TV but held tightly to the remote, as if it would be the life ring that would ultimately decide whether she lived or died.’
    • ‘A life ring flew through the air toward them, then landed with a slap in front of Jim.’
    • ‘It didn't take us long to widen our repertoire, as we took turns being pulled behind the boat while hanging onto a life ring.’
    • ‘As a further precaution, have a life ring tied to a long line floating behind the boat.’
    • ‘There are musical scores and mementoes of shows scattered everywhere, including a life ring from his ‘legendary failure’ Moby Dick.’
    • ‘Other new features on the facility include the provision of life-support jackets for all crew members and additional life rings for use in case of emergencies.’
    • ‘Shipmates on Endeavour threw life rings into the water.’
    • ‘The next thing I remember was someone on another sponson throwing me a life ring, which landed about five feet from the hull of the ship.’
    • ‘Before going into the water they donned a life ring and then hand over hand pulled themselves across to our boat.’
    • ‘He got onto the barge and put down a line into the water, then a life ring, but he didn't grab either of them.’
    • ‘Desperately clutching the fender of his boat, but unable to grab a life ring thrown by his daughter, he struggled to get him to the bank, but was eventually helped to do so by a passing jogger.’
    • ‘They were plucked from the river, clinging to one another and a life ring, by members of the Humber Rescue lifeboat.’
    • ‘A life ring secured to a line was thrown to the survivor and he was pulled to the rescue aircraft.’
    • ‘It is thought they threw them a life ring, to which they were clinging when they were rescued.’
    • ‘But with careful maneuvering the pilot was able to bring the port side close enough to the two rafts so a life ring tied to a line could be thrown to the survivors.’
    • ‘If your boat is over 16 feet, you must also have a Type IV throw cushion or life ring.’
    • ‘In a timid voice, Jonah inquired if there were not lifeboats or life rings or other flotation devices that might be thrown off the boat with whomever was first to go.’