Definition of life preserver in English:

life preserver


  • 1British A short truncheon with a heavily loaded end.

    club, bludgeon, stick, truncheon, baton, blackthorn, mace, bat
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  • 2North American A buoyant device such as a lifebelt or life jacket.

    • ‘The new standards include all vessels (subject to the category) to have life preservers and lifejackets for passengers, and stricter mooring controls with vessels being anchored out of high traffic areas.’
    • ‘‘Our customers are looking for life preservers and what they care about is whether the life preserver floats,’ he said.’
    • ‘He had one life preserver and gave it to his younger daughter.’
    • ‘As they move away from the ship's railing, we see the name of their ship on a life preserver: Titanic.’
    • ‘When my turn came, the fat guy in the life preserver - he was still wearing it - looked at me and laughed.’
    • ‘The Perfect Storm has broken in the Beltway, they believe, and life preservers are now being passed out.’
    • ‘That life preserver by itself wasn't enough to save him.’
    • ‘Witnesses told police that her screams for help could be heard as the boat pulled away, and that no one aboard the vessel made any effort to throw life preservers or any flotation devices toward her.’
    • ‘Bring an exposure suit and a life preserver when the situation dictates.’
    • ‘But some take what little hope they can, and cling onto it like a life preserver.’
    • ‘As a young man drowning in a sea of poverty, I grabbed a hold of the life preserver my grandmother and the grayhaired mothers at my grandparents' Pentecostal church threw overboard.’
    • ‘I'm trying to swim, and no one thought to toss me a life preserver.’
    • ‘And today, it seems that he was throwing them a life preserver, but apparently a lot of people didn't want to grab on to that life preserver.’
    • ‘The crew member would be important in an accident situation because, you know, you might need two people to hand out life preservers.’
    • ‘She clung to her seat like a life preserver and hardly knew what to do when the drunken Frenchman beside her was tossed out onto the grass.’
    • ‘She said that everyone on the boat was wearing a life preserver, including her boyfriend.’
    • ‘There are situations so serious that the rescue of the drowning person cannot be accomplished with a rope, a life preserver, or a boat.’
    • ‘The paras, loaded down with a 40 lb parachute, a 15 lb reserve parachute, a life preserver and a lightweight helmet, were crammed into the aircraft on canvas benches, which folded out from the side of the plane.’
    • ‘They were ultimately kept out by Federal Emergency Management Agency bureaucrats because, among other things, they didn't have life preservers.’
    • ‘But rounding Halibut Point, I was relieved to see that at least one of them, the guy in the life preserver, was still well astern.’


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