Definition of life assurance in English:

life assurance


  • another term for life insurance
    • ‘You are not obliged to assign a life assurance policy to cover a mortgage on a rental property.’
    • ‘You then make a separate payment to a life assurance investment policy (an endowment).’
    • ‘People who join the credit union before the age of 70, and who are in good health, can get death benefit insurance or life assurance.’
    • ‘The rest comes from Britain or its life assurance and pensions business at home.’
    • ‘It combines the features of a life assurance bond with the investment flexibility of a directly held investment portfolio.’
    • ‘Many of the worst life assurance, endowment, payment protection and home insurance policies are pushed by mortgage lenders.’
    • ‘This is a life assurance policy that all lenders insist you take out when borrowing for a property.’
    • ‘What insurance company sells the cheapest life assurance?’
    • ‘Usually this benefit is a life assurance lump sum paid to the family of a pension scheme member on his or her demise.’
    • ‘Some life assurance companies offer a direct investment facility.’
    • ‘For example, a life assurance and critical illness protection plan costs an extra €15 per month.’
    • ‘I assume the fund is not a foreign life assurance policy where the tax treatment is different.’
    • ‘The investor, the pension holder and the life assurance policy holder forked out millions of pounds daily to keep these people in clover.’
    • ‘The policy is therefore a savings vehicle with a life assurance element.’
    • ‘It is available as a standalone product or in conjunction with a life assurance or mortgage protection insurance policy.’
    • ‘Take out a life assurance policy to fund this liability.’
    • ‘For many of us, the biggest asset in our estate will be the proceeds of our life assurance policies.’
    • ‘We recently organised a life assurance policy for one of our customers.’
    • ‘In a standard pension your money is invested in pooled funds managed by a life assurance company.’
    • ‘Logically, as you become older and the probability of dying gets more likely, the life assurance premium increases sharply.’


There is a technical distinction between life assurance and life insurance: see assurance


life assurance