Definition of life and limb in English:

life and limb


  • Life and all bodily faculties.

    ‘a burglar risking life and limb to scramble into an open third-floor window’
    • ‘Despite flood warnings, the annual River Wharfe swim in Otley went ahead, where six swimmers left the warmth of their hearths to risk life and limb in the swollen river.’
    • ‘They often work long hours under trying conditions, risking life and limb, and in the process they make positive contributions to society.’
    • ‘When ripe, the fruit turns a bright reddish orange and attracts pecking birds and children who risk life and limb to get at the juiciest looking cashew fruit.’
    • ‘But their traditional routes are often bisected by roads - forcing the creatures to risk life and limb as they follow their instinct.’
    • ‘The concerned local man took a number of photographs of the workers as they risked life and limb on the roof of the building, which is due to open on January 29.’
    • ‘It is a frightening thought that but for the willingness of these members to risk life and limb to help others and the efforts of fundraisers, many people would not be here today to thank them.’
    • ‘He had risked life and limb for his country and fellow soldiers, given his all and came home safe and sound - one of the lucky ones, one of the boys.’
    • ‘I am going to risk life and limb here, but I believe I am justified in saying that there are novels which women will enjoy more than men, and vice versa.’
    • ‘But this is heroism of a peculiarly modern kind, not the ability to risk life and limb to achieve a particular result but the quiet acceptance of suffering.’
    • ‘Passengers tempted by the sight of the sometimes near-empty buses risk their life and limb while making a mad rush to board them.’