Definition of life after death in English:

life after death


mass noun
  • The hypothetical existence or survival of the soul after death.

    ‘we believe in life after death’
    • ‘God is love, and that is the measuring rod by which we measure all our speculations about life after death.’
    • ‘The more we give up belief in life after death, the more we want to value this life, and its experiences.’
    • ‘"I will be proving there is life after death by communicating with loved ones who have passed over into the world of the spirit," he said.’
    • ‘For many reasons I'm pretty much convinced that there isn't a life after death.’
    • ‘I'm constantly amazed at this incredible world we live in, and awestruck at the thought of life after death, and the only way I can make sense of either is through faith in an eternal God.’