Definition of life-preserving in English:



  • Serving to maintain and continue life.

    ‘life-preserving medical treatment’
    • ‘Pain's unpleasantness provides the motivation for adaptive, life-preserving responses.’
    • ‘Although no regimen we follow will guarantee that we'll never face a serious health challenge, committing to a regular exercise program is one of the most important life-preserving steps we can take.’
    • ‘At one time in our past, this fear was productive and life-preserving, but not any more.’
    • ‘The life-preserving benefits of long-term oxygen therapy (LTOT) were established nearly 2 decades ago.’
    • ‘As we prepare to venture beyond the life-preserving cocoon, we will quickly find out how much our life depends on the invisible magnetic force field around our planet.’
    • ‘The police cannot and should be tempted into eye-for-an-eye tactics, but clearly there is room for improvement in the way that officers are engaging crime on the streets and a need for more cautious, life-preserving strategies in approaching crime scenes.’
    • ‘Those were the charmed substances that some years ago were felt to contain life-preserving properties.’
    • ‘My son knows me as a life-preserving force, a savior of ladybugs and mice.’
    • ‘Similarly he spoke of the sea as being at one time both life-preserving (to fish) and death-dealing (to humans), and "the path up and the path down are one and the same."’
    • ‘The day I visited the clinic, there were no life-preserving antiretroviral drugs.’