Definition of lieutenant governor in English:

lieutenant governor


  • The acting or deputy governor of a state or province, under a governor or Governor General.

    • ‘‘The lieutenant governor would like to get this done before the session begins,’ he said.’
    • ‘He was elected to the state senate in 1868 and then was named president pro tempore; he later became lieutenant governor upon the death of the incumbent in 1871.’
    • ‘But when the lieutenant governor joined last year's march up the Central Valley to force him to finally sign a major farm-labor bill, there was widespread scoffing before he appeared.’
    • ‘He toured the state to find a lieutenant governor.’
    • ‘And I will also talk with the lieutenant governor of Florida about the state's emergency preparations.’
    • ‘The lieutenant governor, in turn, contacted the commander of the Texas Air National Guard.’
    • ‘He did have a press conference today which I watched and then the lieutenant governor had a press conference but a number of our state officials, you know, did get in touch with me today and so we're working together.’
    • ‘Well, what I say to that is simply this, that the lieutenant governor is a good and decent person, and I believe his entry into the race will actually get more people to come out and vote against the recall.’
    • ‘The lieutenant governor's speech was a curiously unmomentous affair, a litany of recent bills passed by the Legislature.’
    • ‘A Democrat won a tight victory for lieutenant governor while a Republican won a landslide triumph in the attorney general's race.’
    • ‘For the first time since Reconstruction, Republicans control the offices of governor, lieutenant governor, state treasurer and state auditor - four of the top eight positions in state government.’
    • ‘Her brother Mitch is lieutenant governor and a future gubernatorial prospect.’
    • ‘The anti-lottery effort, led by evangelical churches and a conservative Republican lieutenant governor, spent less than half that amount and won anyway in a landslide.’
    • ‘The island is a crown possession with wide independent powers under a lieutenant governor.’
    • ‘My brother is running for lieutenant governor.’
    • ‘He was once a lieutenant governor - but he didn't stay in that office 16 years, like someone else I know.’
    • ‘I think that is why you are seeing our lieutenant governor, our insurance commissioner, and probably a couple of more name Democrats diving into the race.’
    • ‘As a primer on Canada's constitutional monarchy explains, the governor-general and the provincial lieutenant governors ‘are constitutional fire extinguishers with a potent mixture of powers for use in great emergencies.’’
    • ‘He had been dispatched to New York, to ring the bell as trading opened at the stock exchange, while the Majority Leader shuttled back and forth between the offices of the speaker and the lieutenant governor.’
    • ‘The lieutenant governor is directed to submit this proposed amendment to the electors of the state of Utah at the next general election in the manner provided by law.’
    • ‘In any case, thanks very much to the lieutenant governor.’
    • ‘In 1982, he was elected lieutenant governor in a successful challenge of the Democratic establishment.’
    • ‘It is self-governing with a locally elected governor, lieutenant governor, and bicameral legislature.’