Definition of lientery in English:



mass nounarchaic
  • A form of diarrhoea.

    • ‘There were many cases of lientery and of dysentery; but these were not attended with much pain.’
    • ‘I attended, some time ago, a lady suffering from lientery, for whom I ineffectually prescribed a low dilution of China.’
    • ‘My own view of the case is that the lientery was due to the presence of the tumor in the neighbourhood of the stomach.’
    • ‘We have heard of a severe lientery being brought on by eating a little ice-cream, at a time when a considerable degree of indigestion already prevailed.’
    • ‘Enteritis and colitis may result from lientery.’
    loose motions, looseness of the bowels
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Late Middle English: via French lientérie or Latin lienteria from Greek leienteria, from leios ‘smooth’ + entera ‘bowels’: see -ery.