Definition of lie-down in English:



  • A short rest in which one lies down on a bed, sofa, etc.

    ‘he felt badly in need of a lie-down’
    • ‘Quite ready for a lie-down, Jon sat in a large red chair next to a spindly little table.’
    • ‘At the hotel, I had a lie-down for an hour, just as I used to.’
    • ‘My much-needed lie-down was about to become rather more strenuous than anticipated.’
    • ‘You go out, pound 26 miles like a zombie and you come back and you have something to drink and have a lie-down.’
    • ‘I'm so breathless I feel like a lie-down - and all I have done is rearrange the fish on my plate (I'm a vegetarian) and consume a few tiny, tortured vegetables, while occasionally managing to throw in the odd question when he comes up for air.’
    • ‘Right - that's me done for another tournament - I'm off for a lie-down.’
    • ‘Needless to say, upon arrival at the business park, having a lie-down is quite a temptation.’
    • ‘Why don't you have a nice lie-down, and we'll talk in the morning.’
    • ‘My advice to the Minister in the chair is to have a nice cup of tea and a lie-down before she does herself an injury.’
    • ‘I stopped, had a lie-down with my legs up on a chair and just listened to my breath for an hour.’
    • ‘I went back to the guesthouse and gave myself the luxury of a lie-down for about an hour, whilst watching some rubbish on television.’
    • ‘He then went for a lie-down before getting up to do some stretching.’
    • ‘So we ambled back to house for a lie-down and to collect our thoughts.’
    • ‘He returned to New Zealand, but he would have been forgiven for just having a lie-down in a darkened room.’
    • ‘I'm usually hard-pushed to stay conscious for 7 hours without a lie-down, let alone 7 days.’
    • ‘Plenty of people enjoy mucking about in boats, but just as many appreciate a power shower and a lie-down in a real bed afterwards.’
    • ‘I could go on and on, but I suppose it would be better for my blood pressure to go and have a lie-down under some nice, soothing, wet newspaper.’
    • ‘I am going to have a nice lie-down with some soothing wet newspaper over my face now and practice my alternate nostril breathing.’
    • ‘I see this as good thing - broadening my horizons - although Katharine sometimes slips away for a lie-down.’
    • ‘We thought about doing the rest of the garden, but we both had to have a lie-down when we saw the estimate, so we thought we'd do it later.’
    recline, lie down, lie back, be recumbent, be prostrate, be supine, be prone, be stretched out, stretch oneself out, lean back, sprawl, rest, repose, relax, lounge, loll, bask
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