Definition of lidocaine in English:



North American
  • another term for lignocaine
    • ‘He or she may advise you to apply a thick layer of an over-the-counter cream containing the anesthetic lidocaine to your skin 45 minutes before treatment.’
    • ‘The question exists as to why both the lidocaine and the placebo saline solution would have an inhibitory effect on muscle-firing characteristics.’
    • ‘Two days after admission, the lidocaine and erythromycin were discontinued and a transvenous pacemaker was positioned in the right ventricular apex.’
    • ‘The surgeon, therefore, suggested that the nurse add epinephrine to the plain lidocaine rather than waiting for the medication to be ordered and arrive from the pharmacy.’
    • ‘An injectable solution of 1 percent lidocaine or 1 percent procaine is usually used.’


1940s: from ( acetani)lid(e) + -caine (from cocaine).