Definition of license number in English:

license number


North American
  • The series of letters or numbers identifying a vehicle, displayed on a licence plate; registration number.

    • ‘All you need to get most amenities connected is a name, an address, a date of birth and a driver's licence number.’
    • ‘Scores of municipalities nationally have begun using the technique, in which a camera with a radar device records a car's license number and speed.’
    • ‘They automatically capture an image of the licence number of a speeding vehicle, from which the registered owner can be identified by a computer.’
    • ‘Don't put your social security or driver's license number on your checks.’
    • ‘Any patrol officer in any state can easily and quickly check a driver's license number.’
    • ‘The clerk informed his boss that the credit card was not valid, and the storeowner immediately contacted police to report the vehicle and license number.’
    • ‘On certain days of the week only cars with license numbers starting with an odd number were permitted across the bridge.’
    • ‘Don't give out personal identifying information like your Social Security number, driver's license number or bank account number.’
    • ‘In the capital Manila, activists have asked the city's three-million cellphone users to report the licence numbers of cars spewing black smoke.’
    • ‘He took down the license number of the Mercedes which was ultimately traced to the accused.’
    • ‘I regret that neither of us was able to get the license number of the vehicle.’
    • ‘I got the license number and gave it to the police and my insurance company.’
    • ‘The driver of the pickup had fled the scene and witnesses did not get the license number.’
    • ‘He left so nervously and noisily, a bystander outside the bank got the feeling something was wrong with this guy, and wrote down his license number and a description of his car.’
    • ‘Cars are only allowed to drive at certain times of the day depending on the license number, to cut back on traffic.’
    • ‘What was the make, model and licence number of the car involved?’
    • ‘It turns out that many U.S. driver's license numbers aren't random at all, but contain embedded information about your name, etc.’