Definition of licence hunt in English:

licence hunt


  • A police inspection to ensure that anyone engaged in gold-mining has a permit.

    ‘the commissioner stepped up licence hunts and ordered that fines be substantially increased’
    • ‘The authorities attempted a licence hunt but were met by a throng of diggers ready to resist.’
    • ‘They also sought an end to licence hunts.’
    • ‘He scathingly condemned what he called the unaccountable outrage of a licence hunt at the point of the bayonet.’
    • ‘The commissioner responded by ordering a licence hunt the next day.’
    • ‘He resented the once-a-month licence hunt and, in particular, the manner of its execution.’
    • ‘He ordered that licence hunts become the order of the day.’
    • ‘They had burned their mining licences in a show of solidarity and were expecting the authorities to undertake a licence hunt.’
    • ‘He set up business on the day of the licence hunt which precipitated the Eureka uprising.’
    • ‘There was the wrongful arrest during a licence hunt of a crippled servant of the local Catholic priest.’
    • ‘Another licence-hunt was conducted in heat-wave temperatures.’