Definition of Libyan in English:



  • Relating to Libya or its people.

    ‘a Libyan government spokesman’
    • ‘The magazine is devoted to Yemeni, Tunisian, and Libyan literature that came out over the last few months.’
    • ‘The explorers found the relic that comprised of engravings on a large rock when they were surveying a field of boulders on the flanks of a hill deep in the Libyan Desert.’
    • ‘The oldest known record of animals being kept in herds and milked is a series of cave paintings in the Libyan Sahara.’


  • A native or inhabitant of Libya, or a person of Libyan descent.

    ‘Libyans eagerly await jumbo jets filled with tourists’
    • ‘Even their best crooner in the vocalist competition lost to the Libyan.’
    • ‘It's made me so happy to be a Libyan.’
    • ‘In the evenings, most Libyans can be found at home.’