Definition of libidinal in English:



  • See libido

    • ‘However repellant to moral convention, Freud always insisted that infantile sexuality was key to the whole theory, oral gratification the original libidinal experience underlying all later forms of sexual interaction.’
    • ‘The wedding crashers recognise that although libidinal energies come to be the motor-cause of celebration, it is love, real or imagined, that is the quasi-cause of weddings.’
    • ‘Sade championed a polymorphous view of erotic impulses in which heterosexuality was only one of many possible expressions of libidinal impulses - just one fragment of the sexual spectrum available to human needs.’
    • ‘The combination of fabulous wealth, alcohol and male hormones have produced a lawless libidinal monstrosity, a breed of young man as casually convinced of their immunity from prosecution as were medieval princes.’
    • ‘Thus critics tended to overlook the fact that postmodern photography was more expensively produced and packaged than any previously existing manifestation of the medium and also that much of it had a tremendous libidinal charge.’