Definition of Liberty ship in English:

Liberty ship


  • A prefabricated US-built freighter of the Second World War.

    • ‘The docking facilities must be big enough to cope with the 26 foot draught of Liberty ships and at the same time provide sheltered water for smaller vessels, such as landing craft, to operate.’
    • ‘The Liberty ship design, for example, was replaced by that of the Victory ship, a minimally larger, but much faster and rangier, and more commercially desirable, turbine-driven cargo carrier.’
    • ‘He was the only person to visit a Liberty ship named in his honor.’
    • ‘Many of the Liberty ships given to the Soviet Union during WWII remained in service long after the war's conclusion.’
    • ‘The senior author, Andrew Gibson, sailed as master of a Liberty ship in World War II and rose in the maritime industry to become the senior vice president of the Grace Line and president of the Delta Line.’
    • ‘She is the only operating Liberty ship on the east coast.’
    • ‘At the height of the ship-building boom in 1943, the Americans could launch three welded Liberty ships daily (while Albert Speer was committed to launching 40 U-boats a month).’
    • ‘The Liberty ships were the backbone of the Allied supply lines in World War II.’
    • ‘San Francisco already hosts the World War II submarine Pompanito and the Jeremiah O'Brien, one of the last operational Liberty ships.’
    • ‘Ike asked us if we would double-bunk on a Liberty ship for the return voyage home.’
    • ‘One of the mass-produced Liberty ships built during World War Two, the James Eagan Layne was torpedoed in March 1945.’
    • ‘By 1945, he was ruined, but in appreciation for his wartime activities was given a second chance by the Truman administration when he was allowed to purchase a Liberty ship.’
    • ‘Conventional wisdom has it that the Liberty ship was the first mass produced ship using prefabrication.’
    • ‘The Liberty ship may not have garnered the affection of the men who sailed them, but she did earn their respect.’
    • ‘Pulling out of the harbour that night, we passed a Liberty ship going the same way.’
    • ‘The biggest attraction is the US Liberty ship James Eagan Layne, lying upright three-quarters of a mile east of Rame in Whitesand Bay, at a depth of 24m.’
    • ‘A majority of the Liberty ships survived the war and became the backbone of the world's cargo fleet.’
    • ‘The last sinking in Australian coastal waters credited to these submarines was the US Liberty ship Robert J Walker off Jervis Bay on December 25, 1944.’
    • ‘This site is purely a directory of Liberty ships and is a guide to subsequent research.’