Definition of liberation theology in English:

liberation theology


mass noun
  • A movement in Christian theology, developed mainly by Latin American Roman Catholics, which attempts to address the problems of poverty and social injustice as well as spiritual matters.

    • ‘Teachers of history, political science, Latin American studies, or liberation theology will value this book.’
    • ‘He repeatedly returns to comparisons with more biblical Protestant traditions, feminist theology, and liberation theology.’
    • ‘With its roots in the suffering masses of Latin America, liberation theology has long insisted that God hovers close to the downtrodden.’
    • ‘The emphasis on Marxist analysis and the commitment to socialism which marked so much earlier Latin American liberation theology was always problematic for many Christians in other places.’
    • ‘I find nothing, however, about liberation theology in the parallel entry on the Protestant church in Latin America and the Caribbean.’
    • ‘In terms of liberation theology, in some ways I think it's a theology that comes closer to some emphasises in Judaism, because it emphasises that God's gracious acts in our lives require response.’
    • ‘This mirrors my own epiphany when I was first exposed to feminist liberation theology at Harvard Divinity School in the eighties.’
    • ‘This shift of theology from the sphere of private, individual salvation to the public and the social is the characteristic mark of liberation theology.’
    • ‘As an undergraduate at Duke, he discovered liberation theology and what he considered a viable form of Christianity.’
    • ‘Far from being a time of decline, the situation is promising for the development of liberation theology.’
    • ‘Latin American feminist liberation theologians emerge as the key link between Latin American liberation theology, on the one hand, and feminist theology, on the other.’
    • ‘A work so sharply critical of the current marriage of capitalism and democracy is remarkable for no reference to liberation theology beyond one passing reference to the preferential option for the poor.’
    • ‘She came to identify with liberation theology, and was fascinated by the Latin American base churches and their conception of theology not only for but by the people.’
    • ‘In Peru, this celebration of the Jubilee, with its theme and message, has become a clear sign of the acceptance of liberation theology - an occasion for celebration by its followers.’
    • ‘Shortly after that, the first currents of liberation theology emerged in Latin America and the U.S., making neo-orthodoxy seem stuffy, provincial and oppressive.’
    • ‘Indeed, I'd venture to say it is as Latin American as liberation theology.’
    • ‘Its political side grew out of the social gospel movement and liberation theology.’
    • ‘Only when he reaches the most recent interpreters, those influenced by liberation theology, does he consider the role of indigenous American traditions in shaping the Guadalupe devotion.’
    • ‘In some parts of Latin America, there's been an attempt to erase many of the traces of liberation theology in any of its forms.’
    • ‘A recent essay by Gustavo Gutierrez describes the genesis and ongoing challenges of liberation theology in Latin America and identifies areas of change and transformation.’


liberation theology