Definition of liberalize in English:


(British liberalise)


[with object]
  • Remove or loosen restrictions on (something, typically an economic or political system)

    ‘several agreements to liberalize trade were signed’
    • ‘Efforts to liberalize the economy and democratize the political system have led to corruption and exacerbated the gap in wealth between government officials and the citizens.’
    • ‘He introduced many new reforms which attempted to modernize and liberalize the system rather than destroy it.’
    • ‘Other countries are liberalizing their economies, providing a more business-friendly environment.’
    • ‘Under new licensing laws designed to liberalise the system, all establishments which sell alcohol or hot food will have to apply to renew their permits by August 6 or cease trading in November.’
    • ‘Immigration rates remained low until 1965, when Congress liberalized immigration policies.’
    • ‘Johnston predicts that Japan will be compelled to liberalize its strict immigration policies.’
    • ‘If you would just liberalize your economies, we wouldn't have this problem.’
    • ‘As for the poor countries themselves, those that had liberalised their domestic economies and opened up to foreign trade and investment had enjoyed the best growth rates over the past few decades.’
    • ‘Since the end of the Second World War, we've liberalized trade in most areas.’
    • ‘Even before the war, the movement to liberalize world trade further had stalled.’
    • ‘He wanted to liberalise the Soviet economy without corresponding political reform.’
    • ‘Instead, they liberalized their laws, allowing drinking establishments to maintain longer hours.’
    • ‘Yushchenko is a pro-Western reformist who wants to liberalize the economy and fight corruption.’
    • ‘They reduced inflation, introduced harmonious industrial relations, and liberalized the financial markets.’
    • ‘However, this situation changed in 2000 when the South Korean government liberalized its policy.’
    • ‘Would you suggest that we liberalize our markets like the electricity deregulation in California?’
    • ‘Ominously, the party had also announced its intention to liberalize the sector.’
    • ‘The government of South Africa has implemented market-oriented food policies and has liberalized trade.’
    • ‘As indicated, many countries have liberalized their economies in recent years by removing exchange controls and limits on the movement of capital.’
    • ‘There is suspicion that the government is trying to meet demands of the International Monetary Fund, which are to liberalize the financial service sector in the widest sense possible.’