Definition of liaise in English:



  • 1 Cooperate on a matter of mutual concern.

    ‘she will liaise with teachers across the country’
    • ‘Surely, you can liaise with counsel in that matter, do you think?’
    • ‘He and his men will control the camp's perimeter and mount patrols to secure the area and liaise with nearby communities.’
    • ‘You need to be well organised and flexible to ensure that you meet your deadlines and have good communication skills, as you will be liaising with both guests and suppliers.’
    • ‘He confirmed his officers were liaising with other forces, and said that although there was no scientific evidence to link the three cases, there were similarities.’
    • ‘Police are also keeping an open mind as to a possible racial motive and are liaising with community leaders in the area.’
    • ‘We attend their meetings, we liaise with them, find out local concerns and work together with them in the interests of local people.’
    • ‘Businesses in the City of London have been extensively briefed, and police have liaised with leaders of community groups which could be targeted.’
    • ‘The government is also to consider the appointment of consultants to liaise with local communities on the hosting of asylum seekers.’
    • ‘She has liaised with the community, built the school's special needs department and mentors every new teacher.’
    • ‘We have liaised with the community to open up sections of bridleways.’
    • ‘This is where support workers, such as Caroline, step in to improve links with schools and liaise with teachers.’
    • ‘Soldiers liaise and mix with community members while maintaining their professional bearing.’
    • ‘‘Now that it has been brought to our attention again, we will be liaising with the police to see if we can find a quick solution,’ he added.’
    • ‘The battalion's Civil Military Affairs representatives liaised with local communities to explain what they would see and hear during the fire mission.’
    • ‘At the same time detectives will be liaising with York police for any intelligence they can offer.’
    • ‘I worked closely with a changing House Committee and liaised closely with staff from the Hawthorn Council.’
    • ‘Organisers are liaising with the locals to make sure pilots don't land on crops, and the roar of the balloon's burners doesn't spook sheep and cattle.’
    • ‘Matt visited other cities to investigate how they dealt with kerb crawlers and liaised with their community action teams on the best approach to deal with the problem.’
    • ‘Company sources say it liaised with government officials for some time on putting together such an event, but it now fears it may be edged out.’
    • ‘We will be liaising with young people, parents, schools and our partner agencies across the borough to try to reduce problems concerning local youngsters.’
    cooperate, work together, collaborate
    communicate, intercommunicate, exchange information, network, interface, link up, hook up
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    1. 1.1Act as a link to assist communication between (people or groups)
      ‘civil servants who liaise between the prime minister and departmental ministers’
      • ‘Its objective is to liaise between prospective job seekers and employers in this region.’
      • ‘They are the ones responsible for the use of public funds, and the crucial role of liaising between both the people working on the project and the people who are funding or backing the project.’
      • ‘Most agencies have a group of people called account executives who are responsible for liaising between the client and the agency staff who work on the account.’
      • ‘He will also be helping to liaise between local communities and conservation projects to find ways to protect the animals.’
      • ‘They visit scenes of death and attend autopsies, take witness statements and liaise between traumatised relatives, police, solicitors and doctors.’
      • ‘The key ability was to be able to liaise between the creditors and the banks.’
      • ‘The role would involve liaising between the community and relevant interested groups.’
      • ‘He says the committee's role is to liaise between the Department of Agriculture and other agencies, and ‘the common ordinary person’.’
      • ‘First of all, they are supposed to liaise between the two families.’
      • ‘‘Basically the committee is a body set up to liaise between general practitioners and hospitals and hearing concerns,’ he said.’
      • ‘There is a greater need for liaising between club and school than ever before.’


1920s (originally military slang): back-formation from liaison.