Definition of leylandii in English:



  • A Leyland cypress.

    • ‘Fast-growing shrubs, such as notorious leylandii, have sparked bitter court battles between neighbours and even led to murder.’
    • ‘It's the leylandii of the climbing world - avoid it, or your neighbours will soon be avoiding you.’
    • ‘Let's face it, when it comes to obsessively hiding your property, isn't that what leylandii is for?’
    • ‘Some trees, notably the infamous leylandii, can be pruned but are hard work due to the rate of their growth.’
    • ‘After officers met Mr Morgan on site, however, it was agreed the leylandii would be acceptable if their height could be regulated.’
    • ‘Forget garden fences, extensions or leylandii - helipads are the new battleground for rowing neighbours.’


From the modern Latin taxonomic name.