Definition of lexigram in English:



  • A symbol representing a word, especially one used in learning a language.

    • ‘The computer system could be programmed to require that Lana produce complete syntactically ordered strings of lexigrams arranged according to certain simple combinatorial rules.’
    • ‘He will, for example, often employ the keyboard to request food for his mother and siblings who do not know the lexigrams.’
    • ‘Unlike them, she learned lexigrams independently of keyboard position.’
    • ‘In Lana's lexical world, the lexigram ‘bowl’ was selected when Lana was shown a bowl or a photo of a bowl.’
    • ‘It was found that getting them to repeat by rote a large number of errorless trials in combining lexigrams enabled them to make the transition from explicit and concrete sign-object associations to implicit sign-sign associations.’
    • ‘The vocabulary test shows that Kanzi can associate lexigrams with pictures of objects and spoken words; conversely, he can associate spoken words with lexigrams and pictures.’