Definition of lex loci in English:

lex loci


mass nounLaw
  • The law of the country in which a transaction is performed, a tort is committed, or a property is situated.

    • ‘If one assumes that it is the lex loci delicti comisi, the question then arises: what law is there on the high seas?’
    • ‘The pleading here asserted a number of lex loci delicti, did it not?’
    • ‘The Washington Times claims most marriages are recognized internationally under a legal principle of lex loci contractus whose intent is at least in part presumably meant to prevent violation of bigamy laws.’
    • ‘The law to be applied to a tort is the lex loci delicti, or law of the place where the activity occurred.’
    • ‘When one looks at the lex loci delicti of this tort that occurred on the high seas, one says, ‘What is the law applying to the place of this tort?’’


Latin, ‘law of the place’.


lex loci

/lɛks ˈləʊsʌɪ/