Definition of levitate in English:



  • Rise or cause to rise and hover in the air, typically by means of supposed magical powers.

    no object ‘I swear to God he levitated over the bar’
    with object ‘I focused on levitating the rucksack’
    • ‘For over 30 years the Wizard has been promising to levitate and fly away.’
    • ‘One of the journalists managed to take a photo of the daughter, Janet, apparently levitating.’
    • ‘Maybe I'll be able to levitate after my mental powers have fully developed.’
    • ‘Can they levitate and fly into the kitchen sink?’
    • ‘I make upward motion with my hands and our guest begins to levitate a mere 2 inches off the ground.’
    • ‘I came to my senses as I was still levitating just above my seat.’
    • ‘His feet are several inches from the ground, as if he were levitating like a saint or martyr ascending to heaven.’
    • ‘He sent her a little wave and I swear she levitated off the ground.’
    • ‘By some unseen force, he began to levitate into the air.’
    • ‘As the performer lifted his hands back up, the cloth rose too, magically levitating in the air just like the carpet had before it.’
    • ‘Can anyone levitate, turn invisible, walk through walls, or remotely view a hidden object?’
    • ‘He began to levitate in the air, his eyes getting redder by the second.’
    • ‘Coral heads, reef sharks and parrot fish shimmer beneath a plane of water so translucent, that a dinghy moored there not so much floats as levitates.’
    • ‘You must have seen illusion shows with magicians making people levitate.’
    • ‘When using jet-propulsion, a frogfish appears to levitate and drift along using its fins as stabilizers.’
    • ‘The protracted climax, to a faint wash of sound, is a tableau in which the motionless dancers slowly levitate.’
    • ‘You're not going to levitate or come out singing the way I do.’
    • ‘What else is summer good for but using all of one's magical powers to levitate out of the city for as long as the sober judges of one's conscience will allow?’
    • ‘He levitated, soaring a few feet off the ground.’
    • ‘They didn't make me levitate or anything like that.’
    float, rise into the air, rise, hover, be suspended, glide, waft, drift, hang, defy gravity, fly, soar up
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Late 17th century: from Latin levis ‘light’, on the pattern of gravitate.