Definition of leveraged buyout in English:

leveraged buyout


  • The purchase of a controlling share in a company by its management using outside capital.

    • ‘Switching industries in the late 1980s, he joined eight partners in the leveraged buyout of a contract furniture company and cashed out a few years later with about $200,000.’
    • ‘To be sure, debt carries significant tax benefits, is cheaper than equity, and provides more value to stockholders in a leveraged buyout.’
    • ‘The problem is few of the big media companies have the cash to cobble together a takeover or merger deal, leaving the way open for a leveraged buyout by some of the big US private equity companies.’
    • ‘This newspaper understands that the idea of a leveraged buyout was discussed by management and some shareholders in the past, but was not pursued.’
    • ‘A management buyout or leveraged buyout is a transaction where some individuals borrow large amounts of cash and buy the outstanding stock of all the other shareholders.’
    • ‘He left two years later to seek a leveraged buyout.’
    • ‘The more flexible labor markets that followed fueled the wave of takeovers, mergers, and leveraged buyouts in the 1980s.’
    • ‘The weakness in the stock was blamed on investor uneasiness about a looming leveraged buyout by a management-led group, the column said.’
    • ‘Such funds came of age in the 1980s, when they played an integral role in financing that era's multibillion-dollar leveraged buyouts.’
    • ‘He got a taste for leveraged buyouts through his work at the venture capital arm of First National Bank.’
    • ‘If you're thinking that the process used to be described as a leveraged buyout, you're absolutely right.’
    • ‘In the 1980s, some 60 years after Henry Ford introduced the tactic, leveraged buyouts would alter American industry.’
    • ‘Typically, in leveraged buyouts, a significant amount of stock is set aside for management over a three-year lock-in period.’
    • ‘The leveraged buyout left Micro Warehouse with a crushing debt - more than $100 million at the time of bankruptcy.’
    • ‘Major corporate surgery usually follows similar leveraged buyouts, and the slow European economic uplift may make the purchase a longer haul than Dearborn expected.’
    • ‘Equally, over this period of time, the company's risk profile and the security of its bonds could deteriorate if there was a leveraged buyout, for example.’
    • ‘Having pulled off a leveraged buyout more than 60 years before the term was invented, Ford was free to invest, and invest he did.’
    • ‘Before acquiring IMAX, he specialized in leveraged buyouts and venture capital investments.’
    • ‘The last time the vultures were out in force, in the early 1990s, their big targets were busted real estate assets and ill-fated leveraged buyouts.’
    • ‘It's the latest twist in a 20-year battle that began when Houston financier Charles Hurwitz bought the company in a 1986 leveraged buyout.’


leveraged buyout