Definition of leukaemogenic in English:


(US leukemogenic)


  • Relating to or promoting the development of leukaemia.

    • ‘The most widely accepted and significant leukemogenic mechanism attributed to the fusion protein involves the constitutive stimulation of tyrosine kinase.’
    • ‘As described earlier, protein dimerizations complicate the leukemogenic mechanism.’
    • ‘This phenomenon can best be explained by the discovery that the site of breakage on chromosome 9 occurs at different places, which alters the product of the translocation and thus the leukemogenic mechanism.’
    • ‘Hydroxycarbamide is the mainstay of treatment, but fears that it might be leukaemogenic led researchers to test other treatments including the antiplatelet drug anagrelide.’
    • ‘However, caution must be exercised in making such assumptions because many inappropriately expressed genes from the leukemic clone may retain important diagnostic value, but prove not to be leukemogenic.’