Definition of leukaemogenesis in English:


(US leukemogenesis)


  • See leukaemogenic

    • ‘These results will provide a better insight into understanding which metabolite is important in benzene leukemogenesis.’
    • ‘This was most intense when he was working on his idea that there is no threshold for radiation-induced leukemogenesis.’
    • ‘However, despite half a century of investigations, the mechanism of leukaemogenesis by benzene has not been fully elucidated and low dose effects cannot presently be estimated with confidence.’
    • ‘We speculate that p53 protein overexpression in this bone marrow failure syndrome may represent an early indicator of significant DNA genetic alteration, which is a crucial step in the process of leukemogenesis.’
    • ‘Our understanding of the molecular biology of the t translocation has contributed to the current theories of leukemogenesis in CML.’