Definition of leukaemic in English:


(US leukemic)


  • See leukaemia

    • ‘When performing microarrays to evaluate leukemias, normal and leukemic cells found in blood or bone marrow are first separated by density gradient centrifugation.’
    • ‘Immunophenotyping in the clinical laboratory is emerging as an advantageous way to separate and classify leukemic malignancies.’
    • ‘Their immature and uniform appearance raised the possibility of malignant lymphoma in the leukemic phase.’
    • ‘The cutaneous T-cell lymphomas are non-Hodgkin lymphomas of epidermotropic lymphocytes, of which the most common forms are mycosis fungoides and its leukemic variant, Sezary syndrome.’
    • ‘In fact, chronic myelogenous leukemia is the only leukemic process that is associated with thrombocytosis.’