Definition of leucocytic in English:


(also leukocytic)


  • See leucocyte

    • ‘The ovalbumin-treated mice, but not the control mice, displayed widespread deposition of collagen beneath the airway epithelial cell layer and in the interstitium at sites of leukocytic infiltration.’
    • ‘When the history is equivocal, nasal cytology to detect the presence of eosinophils associated with allergic rhinitis or to detect the leukocytic infiltrates associated with acute bacterial or viral infections is indicated.’
    • ‘Thus, changes in airway hyperresponsiveness between experimental groups did not result from differences in leukocytic infiltration into the lung in response to Aspergillus extract.’
    • ‘Inhibited proteases of leukocytic origin probably are partly responsible for the damage to the lung in the absence of the major protease inhibitor.’