Definition of leucite in English:



  • [mass noun] A potassium aluminosilicate mineral, crystallizing in the tetrahedral system and typically found as grey or white glassy trapezohedra in volcanic rocks.

    • ‘Additionally, lamproites may contain leucite, richterite, sanidine, and occasionally nepheline, whereas kimberlites do not.’
    • ‘The three commonest feldspathoids are leucite, nepheline, and sodalite.’
    • ‘Familiar examples include nepheline, leucite, and members of the sodalite and cancrinite groups.’
    • ‘Early reports of leucite from this locality were shown to be an erroneous identification of analcime.’
    • ‘Geologic observations of this region were recorded as early as 1869 by the Hayden Survey, and by 1874 Endlich had reported leucite (later correctly identified as analcime) from Table Mountain.’


Late 18th century: from Greek leukos white + -ite.