Definition of letterform in English:



  • The graphic form of a letter of the alphabet, either as written or in a particular type font.

    • ‘No examples of major letterforms correlating to recent major architectural designs are available.’
    • ‘Who came up with the hip abbreviation, the slanted letterforms, the marketing strategy?’
    • ‘Similarly, Window in Time gains eloquence through understatement, with its earth-toned arrangement of tiny clay jugs, typesetter's cursive letterforms and color-stained wood blocks.’
    • ‘Plants, gems, embryos, dancers and the evolution of letterforms, weapons and tools are only a few of the many associations inspired by these pared-down irregular forms.’
    • ‘Since no idol worship was permissible in this faith, letterforms and their elaborate compositions were used in manuscripts as well as architecture, not just as letters but as images of the highest holy order.’
    • ‘These paintings nostalgically evoke the closing frames of old films, with their scripted letterforms superimposed over technicolour backgrounds.’
    • ‘For this exercise, students were shown how to create a large letterform using only Quark.’
    • ‘He sometimes orders pancakes, just for the pleasure of cutting them up into uppercase letterforms.’
    • ‘Although the basic letterforms of the modern alphabet have changed very little since the days of ancient Rome, the appearance of written and printed letters have evolved over time.’
    • ‘Monograms on mountains is a curiosity, a visual chronicle of the monumental letterforms that are located near many American towns.’
    • ‘As the constraints of lead type disappeared, designers began to experiment with letters, creating many new types of complicated letterforms.’
    • ‘The faces appear to be made of stones and letterforms, earth and flesh, architecture and memories.’
    • ‘The most specific analyses of the letterforms place them in the fourth quarter of the fourteenth century.’
    • ‘Also, what about the letterforms, which play such a large part in the design?’
    • ‘You can't get much further away from stone carving than that, but the lesson I learned in Germany was that you don't take a letterform designed for printing in lead type and force it upon an unwilling medium.’
    • ‘It is a highly formalized means for expression and communication, requiring a balance between control and spontaneity in the creation of letterforms.’
    • ‘Note that the letterforms are slightly more elaborate than those in the early manuscripts.’
    • ‘While graphic letterforms and type effects were happening, a new minimalism was spawned as well.’
    • ‘Is it powerful to develop a typeface based on the letterforms taken from one's apartment signage?’
    • ‘In order to bring your work to life, there are essential skills to creating and capturing ideas through icons, symbols and letterforms.’