Definition of letter of intent in English:

letter of intent


  • A document containing a declaration of the intentions of the writer.

    • ‘The letter of intent is a preliminary document to power projects to enable them to achieve financial closure.’
    • ‘Richardson, who has signed a letter of intent to compete for UCLA next season, said she still hopes to represent Canada internationally.’
    • ‘The USSF, the governing body, has listed April 1 as the date by which interested parties must submit a letter of intent.’
    • ‘The Magic's Dwight Howard never signed a letter of intent.’
    • ‘Wang said the federation, the district government and about 20 bicycle manufacturers have signed a letter of intent on business co-operation.’
    • ‘The absence of a separate letter of intent could have serious financial and legal ramifications for the telecom company.’
    • ‘The aforementioned letters of intent, for example, are at least orchestrated according to the politics of trade missions (even if the firms themselves rarely think the trade missions per se are of much value).’
    • ‘Indeed, among the things that reduced the IMF's effectiveness in restoring market confidence in 1997 was its policy (which was later revoked) not to publish the letters of intent.’
    • ‘The program will also sponsor a research conference in October 2002 for 40 invited participants based upon the letters of intent that we receive.’
    • ‘Previous local media reports said city officials had signed a non-binding letter of intent with Disney concerning the theme park project.’
    • ‘The report said the IMF feels it is no longer productive to impose any strict deadlines on Jakarta on the signing of the next letter of intent, earlier scheduled to be completed this month.’
    • ‘Neither can sign a letter of intent until November, but neither has to worry about proving himself in AAU tournaments and invitational camps before then.’
    • ‘Husk said another group is looking into developing an upscale restaurant at the site and he would know in a month whether that group will sign a letter of intent.’
    • ‘There can be no hard and fast answer to the question whether a letter of intent will give rise to a binding agreement: everything must depend on the circumstances of the particular case.’
    • ‘Ever since he had signed the letter of intent, thoughts of the merger had obsessed him.’
    • ‘Herbert still has a year to go on his contract but has signed a binding letter of intent with an English side.’
    • ‘Spanish carrier Air Europa signed a letter of intent to purchase 10 of the A350s, according to AFP.’
    • ‘The letter of intent will also finalize whether the sale of hedge funds, which are high-risk in nature and currently banned in Taiwan, will be allowed, Lu added.’
    • ‘Gallaher's agreement rested on a letter of intent, a document that in China can take years to translate into an actual contract.’
    • ‘Another buyer had been so interested in purchasing the paper that he'd signed a letter of intent to buy it for $1.25 million.’