Definition of letter carrier in English:

letter carrier


North American
  • A postman or postwoman.

    ‘my letter carrier dropped off an envelope containing a press release’
    • ‘And two letter carriers, one in New Jersey and one in Florida, have contracted the less serious skin form of anthrax infection.’
    • ‘‘I wish my daughter could make what he's making,’ said David Ryan, a 50-year-old London letter carrier.’
    • ‘The New York Times reported that no one was seriously injured in the explosions, although at least one letter carrier lost his hearing, and others had serious lacerations to the arms or face.’
    • ‘Preston, who also works as a letter carrier, says the experience of meeting with the other authors was very meaningful.’
    • ‘A fund here, a fund there, and pretty soon your letter carrier has a hernia from lugging all your fund statements.’
    • ‘Once in Rhode Island, 94,000 letters were found buried at a letter carrier's home.’
    • ‘Enumerators also solicit data from knowledgeable individuals such as building superintendents, letter carriers or neighbors when more direct means fail.’
    • ‘You feed into an anti-government sentiment and then direct it at the letter carriers and other postal employees.’
    • ‘Holland began his postal career in 1968 as a part-time letter carrier, earning only $2.95 per hour.’
    • ‘Higgins, 45, has worked for the U.S. Postal Service since he was in college, when he took a job as a letter carrier in the town of Andover, Massachusetts, north of Boston.’
    • ‘Come to that, try putting yourself in the place of the letter carriers who have to deliver such unruly epistles.’
    • ‘While only the letter carriers are on strike, other postal workers indicated they are also owed back wages.’
    • ‘Neighbors, relatives and letter carriers are useful in finding those elderly who are at risk.’
    • ‘A letter carrier for the U.S. Postal Service, she still dutifully sorts all the mail addressed to ‘One World Trade Center,’ and primes it for delivery.’
    • ‘I'm a letter carrier and I walk 12 to 15 miles a day and I was on your diet.’
    messenger, special messenger, dispatch rider, mail carrier, runner, bearer, message bearer, message carrier, delivery man, delivery woman, conveyor, envoy, emissary, harbinger, herald
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letter carrier