Definition of let something slide in English:

let something slide


  • 1Negligently allow something to deteriorate.

    ‘Papa had let the business slide after Mama's death’
    • ‘I have to find/make friends and maintain relationships, not letting them slide because ‘we won't be here for long‘.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, he has let things slide; he has allowed the laws against immorality to become a dead letter, and the Viennese to do very much as they please.’
    • ‘Once they've enjoyed their neighborhoods in this way, it's almost cruel to let things slide back to the way they were.’
    • ‘Trusting in them, I let things slide until sometime around the 10th, at which point my mother begins to worry that the computer will not arrive in time for Christmas.’
    • ‘At times, it might seem easier to just let things slide but, if you make that a pattern, you're denying your own feelings - not a good thing.’
    • ‘As many of you know, they cannot let a snide comment slide; they cannot turn the other cheek and allow the lecture, talk, forum or film to progress.’
    • ‘Republicans seem to know when to let subjects slide.’
    • ‘And it's up to them to embrace that rather than letting it slide.’
    • ‘Keith, who could get a chimpanzee to hit a flawless shot, noticed I had let my grip slide.’
    • ‘I just started letting shots slide away and once I'd made one or two on the trot it was difficult to stop making bogies.’
    neglect, pay little attention to, pay no attention to, not attend to, be remiss about, be lax about, shirk, skimp on, let something go downhill, let something go to seed
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    1. 1.1 Allow something to go without punishment.
      ‘she isn't one to let such behaviour slide’
      • ‘I pretend to ignore his rudeness, but Meryl is not willing to let it slide.’
      • ‘Because this is your first offense, I will let it slide.’
      • ‘I let her comments slide at the time.’
      • ‘It frightened Trent a little bit and made him feel very uneasy but he let it slide.’
      • ‘If people like your personality, they will let mild transgressions slide.’