Definition of let me tell you in English:

let me tell you


  • Used to emphasize a statement.

    ‘let me tell you, I was very scared!’
    • ‘It'll be nice to have some time off from the work environment though, let me tell you!’
    • ‘We had to drive all the way back to Montreal, and let me tell you, that was the most silent trip anyone has ever been on.’
    • ‘But let me tell you, when work is needed, they know how to work hard.’
    • ‘I have freed myself from its grasp - and let me tell you, it feels good.’
    • ‘They seem to really understand customer service over here, let me tell you.’
    • ‘Well, let me tell you, if I lose this contract after all the work that I'm having to do, then they will be making a mistake.’
    • ‘There's no better way to capture an idea than to get it down on paper, let me tell you.’
    • ‘I've been in hibernation for a while, and let me tell you, deep sleep is refreshing.’
    • ‘I have seen it in advance, and let me tell you, it's one of the great war movies ever made.’
    • ‘Our first album is coming out soon, and let me tell you, that one is going to be really different.’