Definition of let me see (or think) in English:

let me see (or think)


  • Used when one is trying to remember something or considering one's next words.

    ‘now let me see, where did I put it?’
    • ‘Okay, there must be something good I can mention… let me think… oh yeah, Jackson and I spent a lot of time today building Lego marble runs under the roar of the air conditioning and that was fun.’
    • ‘He is going to be electronically monitored for - let me think - for one year.’
    • ‘What seemed like an impulsive, friendly thing to do at one moment became, in the space of - oh, let me think, about ten seconds - the worst, most inappropriate and downright clumsy action ever.’
    • ‘You first came here, into our parts - let me think - when was it?’
    • ‘For that reason, I haven't gone to visit my blood family on Thanksgiving for, let me think - at least seven years.’
    • ‘Um. Well let me think… I was wearing… oh, that stupid frilly dress that my father used to make me wear on special occasions.’
    • ‘‘Yes, I could see that could be a problem,’ Isabella admitted. ‘Hm, let me think.’’
    • ‘Of course, it may just be paranoia on my part, but I prefer to call it - er, let me think - interconnectedness.’
    • ‘Um, how to explain this without encouraging the wrong sort of search engine referrals… let me think.’
    • ‘Yesterday… now let me think, oh yes, I recall now though it seems some time ago.’