Definition of let (or blow) off steam in English:

let (or blow) off steam


  • Get rid of pent-up energy or strong emotion.

    ‘the kids can let off steam in the gardens while mum and dad have a relaxing drink’
    ‘sometimes it's good to let off steam by having a good whinge’
    • ‘Playing does much more than just help kids let off steam, according to City of York Council, which has launched an initiative to get more youngsters enjoying themselves.’
    • ‘Caroline, who is a part-time support worker for Young Carers, believes children such as Steffanie need a weekly outlet to let off steam and be children.’
    • ‘I needed something to help them blow off steam and energy.’
    • ‘Surprisingly the defence that this is war, or that our enemies do worse, hasn't been made as loudly made as when troops tortured prisoners to let off steam.’
    • ‘But many voters see the referendum as a chance to let off steam over what they regard as the government's economic policy failures.’
    • ‘If your child is bursting with energy, let him run around to let off steam before moving on to more calming activities.’
    • ‘But she just didn't understand why she couldn't run around and let off steam with the other dogs.’
    • ‘Sometimes I think the only thing they achieve is that people can let off steam.’
    • ‘That was a raucous blast of rock energy, Adams letting off steam.’
    • ‘We've danced to let off steam, to express ourselves and get rid of excess energy, we've danced to attract a partner and for religious reasons.’
    give vent to one's feelings, speak one's mind, sound off, lose one's inhibitions, let oneself go
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