Definition of Lesser Bairam in English:

Lesser Bairam


  • another term for Eid al-Fitr
    • ‘I just thought my current employer was nice enough to include Corban and Lesser Bairam.’
    • ‘They observe the Lesser Bairam and Corban festivals.’
    • ‘The Festival of Fast-Breaking (Lesser Bairam) is the day ending the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.’
    • ‘During the month immediately preceding Lesser Bairam, the Uighurs fast until sunset, and break fast on Lesser Bairam.’
    • ‘Like the Lesser Bairam, on the day of the Corban, the Huis also gather at the mosques to hold meetings and services.’
    • ‘The traditional holidays of the Uygurs include Lesser Bairam, Corban and others.’


Lesser Bairam