Definition of lesbigay in English:



  • Relating to or denoting lesbians, bisexuals, and male homosexuals.

    • ‘They represent the loving commitment to maintaining stable relationships that religion otherwise upholds (which is why lesbigay cultural leftists also oppose the idea of gay marriage).’
    • ‘Still, many lesbigay activists can't see the forest for the trees.’
    • ‘So, why are some vocal lesbigay activists so opposed to school choice?’
    • ‘It's a message that both the anti-gay leaders of the GOP and the left-liberal leaders of the lesbigay establishment both need to hear.’


  • A lesbian, bisexual, or male homosexual.

    • ‘It's more than a decade later, and lesbigays are not just the flavor of the season but a community making a genuine imprint on everyday America.’
    • ‘This is comparable to the experiences of lesbigays who have ‘come out’ to their families.’
    • ‘Some go to Metropolitan Community Church, a denomination which has a particular focus on lesbigays.’
    • ‘Indeed, closeted lesbigays still have that vital function to play, especially in certain geographic areas.’
    • ‘A highly visible public service campaign appears to be successfully encouraging lesbigays and others to vote and take note of the League of Gay and Lesbian Voters.’
    • ‘It also stated that lesbigays are no more necessarily promiscuous than heterosexuals are necessarily chaste.’


1990s: from les(bian), bi(sexual), and gay.