Definition of leptokurtosis in English:



  • See leptokurtic

    • ‘In previous samples, these characters have been shown to exhibit very little directional asymmetry and slight leptokurtosis, as expected of FA.’
    • ‘In contrast, creek chubs showed little evidence of persistent upstream bias, and their leptokurtosis, while evident in the first three months, showed a decreasing trend with time, vanishing by the fourth month.’
    • ‘The spatial spread of the most abundant species, bluehead chubs, over a four-month period was characterized by upstream bias, diffusion-like spread, and persistent leptokurtosis.’
    • ‘The population heterogeneity model matched the leptokurtosis, variance, and overall distribution of the movement data.’
    • ‘Since leptokurtosis is a common pattern in movement data, a model of movement with population heterogeneity, such as that described here, may prove useful whenever spatial structure is implicated.’