Definition of Lenten in English:



  • Of, in, or appropriate to Lent.

    ‘Lenten food’
    • ‘This great Lenten hymn should be made a model for personal reassessment during Lent.’
    • ‘More than one million people will be reading this Lenten issue of The Word Among Us.’
    • ‘As at many other congregations, Lenten services were routinely preceded by a light supper.’
    • ‘Preachers may choose to continue the Lenten theme of baptism by examining the Epistle reading.’
    • ‘Pastor Pilsner was busy Monday working on his Wednesday Lenten service sermon.’


Old English lencten ‘spring, Lent’, of Germanic origin, related to long (perhaps with reference to the lengthening of the day in spring); now interpreted as being from Lent + -en.