Definition of lensless in English:



  • See lens

    • ‘Hudec uses a lensless camera called a zone plate pinhole, which allows her to render life the way she sees it - fleeting, sensual and fragile.’
    • ‘In order to avoid the distortions of reality that lenses produce, Strindberg often used a lensless pinhole camera of his own construction.’
    • ‘My experience with lensless imaging as my primary creative medium has shown me the pinhole camera's tremendous versatility and essential mystery.’
    • ‘Using a lensless x-ray microscope, researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign imaged the interior of crystals in 3-D, ranging from 0.1 m to a few microns.’
    • ‘But ‘partial’ eyes turn out to be common in nature, and biologists can trace eye evolution from the lensless flatworm eyespot to the complex geometry of vertebrate eyes.’